Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Too much happening since I last posted...

I'm staying in Indy. I still miss southeastern Ohio. Sometimes I just miss Ohio. But this is where I need to be, and what I need to do. This is what I am being asked to do. So, I stay; and as soon as I assented to that decision, things began to fall into place, and I understood that this next year will be good, not only 'good for me' like a vegetable you don't like but GOOD.

Other things are changing, too... I'm in transition once again, unmoored, but unafraid, because I know the path is charted, and even if I don't know where I'm heading the one who loosed me from the slip does. Navigation isn't my part of my duties.

Rather, it's like the first boat trip Amelia and I took in Indonesia, from the main island port to Balobaloang, twelve hours by sailboat, setting off just after sunset. The crew navigated by the stars; we lay on the deck and wondered at the multitude of them and at how the Bugis crew could so easily find their way through the endless sea, until we fell asleep. And the next morning woke to the see the suggestion of land, still several hours away, but there.

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